Blonde Girl's Narnia Quest

I'm not really on a quest beyond surviving life and striving to live the best possible quality of life that I can.  Oh and I just like saying Narnia. 

Despite what a boring person I am I've lived a pretty interesting life.  I grew up in Texas in the desert with a family who works in the oil field, which means I lived a feast or famine childhood.  Sometimes things were great and sometimes things were pots of beans for dinner every night and if I was lucky I had ketchup to "flavor" them. Interestingly I love beans now.  I moved to Florida when I was 15 and got to experience the beautiful landscape that actually had trees and water as well as the slow lifestyle of the Floridian canoeing down the Suwannee river and underage drinking in the woods on dirt roads.  About 5 seconds after I graduated from High School I hauled butt to California where I had no family or friends.  There I met a man and got married, in Reno, NV... oh what fun that was. I got to experience and see some amazing things while I lived in California, it’s a wonderful place to visit. I lived there about 10 years and decided I wasn't too hip on the fast paced California lifestyle and yearned to get back to a slower pace and moved back to Florida.  Some stuff happened, as stuff tends to do, and my husband and I ended up divorcing. But hey, some things are not meant to be.  Then I lived with another man for 2 years who had two wonderful daughters and I got to experience a new aspect of life... parenting (or step-parenting).  Another not meant to be, or last forever anyways, situation. 

Now I'm a single woman who works her butt off to earn everything she owns, as she always has.  However now all the totally awesome things I earn for myself will not be subject to argument of who gets to keep it if I ever find myself in another domestic living arrangement that does not last until the end of time.  I live in the smallest apartment I've ever lived in and hope to upgrade by mid 2012 when my next-to-forever-lease is up.  I love to cook, I'm constantly finding new recipes I must try, cooking is pretty much my only real "hobby".  I have the most awesome dog ever, his name is Balue, and he’s the greatest companion anyone could ever ask for.  I also have a rescue iguana named Sebastian, his growth was stunted before I took him in so he's a little fella but he's got a pretty cool personality.

Me and my critters are a happy little family just chilling and riding out this new adventure until the next begins.  =)

 Sebastian's journey for attention!