Thursday, October 27, 2011

Music Is Life

I truly love music, all kinds.  I will always have a special affection for rock and roll because I was a little girl growing up in Texas during the 80’s rocking out to the sounds of Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, Guns N Roses, Joan Jett, Aerosmith etc.  In our house rock and roll was pretty much all that was "allowed" on the radio, go ahead and deny it Dad, all radios in the house were to be tuned to, I’ll never forget, KBat.  Granted I was able to get away with New Kids On The Block and Tiffany and other 80’s pop music icons, but I couldn’t blast it.
My dad did grow out of that phase.  The first time he told me about how good this rapper was that my younger brother had shown him I think I about went into shock.
Now that I’m a grown ass woman, and live a few states away, I can gleefully admit that when my parents were not home I would scan the radio stations and listen to different kinds of music very loudly.  One of my favorite past times was recording songs on cassette tapes using my stereo/record player/cassette player/8 track player.  Oh yes I rocked the 8 track. 
I think my favorite song that I had recorded off of the radio onto cassette that I’d either play really low with my door closed or full blast when I had no parentals around to say something like “what in the hell is that, turn it off” was Will Smith or back then DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Parents Just Don't Understand.  Oh yes, they truly didn't.   I remember having friends over and sneakily playing it, and the other awesome songs I had found like I Can't Live Without My Radio by LL Cool J.  Keeping it low for my friends to hear, feeling like the coolest 9 year old little girl on earth playing my contraband and exposing them to music that they had never heard.
Music has changed in the past 30+ years that I’ve been alive and it will always continue to change.  I will always love it.  Though rock is my favorite, on any given day I may listen to anything from P!nk to BB King, from Taylor Swift to Snoop Dogg.  I love the way it can soothe your soul or amp you up.  There’s music for every mood and every emotion. 
I couldn’t imagine our world without music!  A great place to find all kinds of music of every genre from over the decades is the Amazon MP3 Store.  You can download singles or entire records.  It’s great and it’s affordable!  The best part is that your purchased music is available to you everywhere.  You can log into your Amazon account and play it anywhere on your Kindle Fire, PC, Mac, iPad, or Android device.  All of which are also conveniently available at Amazon.  Friggen awesome! 
With the holidays coming up do not forget that music is a great gift.  You can purchase Gift Cards that do not expire at Amazon and your children, friends, and family can pick the music or other merchandise they love.  I also love that you can email or Facebook Amazon gift cards, this is great for friends and family who do not live nearby and saving money on postage and avoiding your gift being delayed in the mail during the holidays is not a bad thing.
Much love and pump up the jams!

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