Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Balue and the Boogie Man

This morning it was between light and dark when we headed out to the dog park for my boy to do his morning doggie deeds.  It was light enough we didn’t need a flashlight to get there but dark enough that not everything was fully visible.  I let him off his leash and go sit on a picnic table trying to wake up. 
Balue goes to a corner of the dog park and is standing there on point, tail straight and hairs standing up… the good thing about a white dog is even when you can’t see much of anything else you can at least see him. 
I’m trying to focus my eyes well enough to see what in the world he’s looking at and can only make out a couple of shiny spots that could possibly be eyes.  I’m thinking ‘wonderful it’s probably a rabid raccoon.’ 
Since it was too early to have much sense, or because I’m blonde, blame it on what you want, I decide to go over and investigate.  
On my way over Balue decided to inch up to the mystery Boogie Man in the corner but doesn’t quite get up to it and it moves and he jumps back a few feet and starts with the barking.  You know because their supersonic bark will kill anything. 
At this point I’m completely freaked out because it’s moving and Balue is super freaked out.  I slowly get closer and have armed myself with a stick which would have done absolutely nothing if it turned out to be a crazed wild animal or a dog park goblin.
I finally get close enough to focus my eyes on what it really is…
It’s a freaking birthday helium balloon that is trapped against the fence! 
Good Grief!  I walked over and picked it up and shook it at Balue and he ran like a bat out of hell.  It was hilarious.  I then released the balloon back into the atmosphere to go bring joy and/or mayhem to others.
I’m now hoping I do not get home from work this evening and Balue has decided to shred some paper to pay me back for the balloon shaking.  We shall see.
Much love!  & Happy Birthday to whoever lost their fantastic balloon.

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