Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dogs And Their People

I was walking to the dog park at my apartment complex with the most awesome dog ever, Balue.  As we were going in a man and his dog were coming out.  He was a large man about 6 feet tall, short buzzed haircut and had several tattoos.  With the image of him in mind what kind of dog are you picturing as his walk along buddy?  Possibly a Rottweiler, Pit-bull, Boxer, or maybe even a German Shepherd?  Nope, this gentleman was doting on a tiny fluffy Pomeranian.  Two questions came to mind at the sight of this: Is this his girlfriends dog?  Or is he just a big tatted up softy with a gooey center who likes to cuddle?

Being a ditzy blonde girl you would possibly think I'd have some small fluffy creature such as a Pomeranian, Poodle or Shih Tzu.  Not me!  Balue is a beautiful mut.  An 80 pound Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever mix.  As I patiently waited for Balue to do his running, sniffing and other doggie deeds I was reflecting on how much alike we are: 

We both love animals.

 We both enjoy a good nap. 

We can definitely throw down with the stank eye when we are agitated by something.

           And we are both pretty goofy at times.

Those of us who have chosen a dog as a companion know the joy they bring us.  I wouldn't trade this guy for the world.  Stop and think about how much you have in common with your fuzzy friend who undoubtedly gives you limitless amounts of love and give them a hug... or maybe they'd appreciate a bone a little more. ;)

Much love!

**If you are looking to add a smelly, hairy ball of joy to your life do not forget to check with your local animal rescues and shelters. Lots of lovable friends are waiting for a good home.

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