Friday, October 14, 2011

Beware Of Fuzzy Muffins

Due to the upcoming holiday, Halloween, my department at work is in a buzz and scheming and decorating for an annual decoration contest.  I happen to think that my area is going to win since we are definitely awesome.  In the midst of putting up a giant Grim Reaper, hanging black tarps from ceilings around cubicles, putting up skulls and tomb stones… I forgot about my wonderful coffee on my desk! 
I sat down after about an hour and a half of creativity and took a sip of my coffee out of my silly plastic thermal mug that I gave way too much credit to and it was cold.  ICK!
I then venture to the kitchen which is shared between my department and another department on our floor of the building.  Someone from the other department (the enemy mwahaha, kidding) has been bringing in baked goods all week and leaving them on the counter in the break room. I’ve been afraid to touch the cookies and other goodies due to not having a clue to who cooked them and not knowing what their hygiene habits are. (I may be a bit of a germ-a-phobe).
I put coffee mug in microwave to reheat the cold coffee and restore it’s delicious status.
Notice… BLUEBERRY MUFFINS!  Mmmm Muffins…
Wonders if I should make an exception and eat muffin from unknown baker…
Looks a little closer…
It’s not blueberry!  IT’S MOLD!  GROSS! 
I go and exclaim to people “do not eat the fuzzy muffins in the break room”… if you are giggling like an idiot you aren’t the only one.  We’ll call my mold nickname wordage today’s Blonde Moment.
I am thankful for my aversion to sticking random unknown food in my mouth without really investigating it.  However the muffin container was huge and there were only 2 left and a coworker told me they had seen there were at least 20-30 this morning.  I really have no words to express how freaked out and grossed out I would be to know I ate a moldy muffin.
Next time you see random free baked goods sitting and waiting for your consumption look before partaking, you just might be happy to turn that sweet treat down.
Much love!


  1. Oh My Gosh!!! GROSS! Hahahahahahaha!

  2. Haha I couldn't believe it! I would be mortified to find out I fed people rotting food.