Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scorpio Season

I love anything to do with astrology, mysticism, mythology, science fiction, etc.  I do no live by horoscopes, I've never called a psychic hotline, and I've never had my palm read.  I'm just super intrigued by the romance our minds have with these fascinating subjects.

When it comes to astrology I especially love Scorpio for the simple reason... I'm your Scorpio blonde girl.  My father is also a Scorpio and celebrates his birthday today, Happy Birthday Dad!!

My birthday is in 12 days on November 4th. I do not mind getting older.  One of the main reasons for this is because the older I get the better I get.  I also do not feel like nearly the dumb-ass I was when I was younger.  When I think about when I was 20 and thought I knew everything I kinda want to slap myself.

I'm super stoked that today is beginning of the reign of Scorpio my favorite sign.  A couple of my other favorite things this time of year are Fall my favorite season and Thanksgiving my favorite holiday.

In mythology the scorpion came to be in the sky after he killed Orion the hunter. The stories of why Scorpius killed Orion vary. One says Orion slept with the wrong chick and Apollo had Scorpius sent to kill him. Another story says it was because Orion was threatening to kill all of the beasts on earth and Gaia sent him to take care of Orion. Another I've read says that Scorpius and Taurus the bull were great friends and Orion killed Taurus while hunting and Scorpius retaliated. For some reason or another Scorpius killed Orion whether he was the hired gun or the loyal friend, and all of the stories tend to agree that Zeus put them both in the sky with Scorpio forever chasing Orion.

I am not an astrologer and will not go into a long rambling, which I could, about all of the traits and qualities of a Scorpio... but to sum us up, and I may be biased, I think we are pretty awesome.

Are you a Scorpio or know a Scorpio?  What are some of your favorite Scorpio traits or qualities?

Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Scorpios!

Much love!

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