Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dead Phone Walking

I purchased my cell phone about a year ago, and not surprisingly it is now having issues.  I’ll be talking, texting or it’ll just be sitting there on the desk and it decides to restart.  It’s so weird!  Oh and reception quality is not as good.  It’s not having charging issues because it seems to hold about the same charge as it did when I purchased it.  The brain is just giving out I suppose.  So I’m assuming I have a limited amount of time with this phone as it’s begun its stretch down the green mile so I must prepare for its untimely departure.  It’s been such a good little phone.
My techno savvy does not include the vast cell phone world.  So now I’m researching phone advantages and disadvantages.  From the choices I have with my current carrier it’s either a Blackberry or an Android, or another simplistic non smart phone.  However I’m ready to leap into the Smart World!
My phone is not a Smart Phone.  Its a little touch phone with a slider keyboard.  I love having a keyboard.  I text more than talk and having to deal with a touch screen only keyboard is not appealing to me.  My carrier happened to come out with a new Android with a slider this week, which is the only reason it’s in the running.   
It seems to me on forums Blackberry users are diehard go Blackberry and Android users are the same about their Androids.  I then tried doing some recon by checking out some tech site reviews and they try to keep everything neutral…. ‘Oh the Blackberry is great and the Android is too, get them both! ‘
I need a baby of the Blackberry and Android.  It could come in Blackberry box and you pull it out and it looks like an Android and then you put it on the charger for 2 hours in a dark dry area that’s elevated by at least 7 feet and come back and you find that it has transformed into a DroidBerry!   Mmmm droidberries…. ;p
What do you think?  Are you a diehard Blackberry or Android fan?
Much Love!
***Imagine a big picture of a Blackberry and an Android boxing right here!

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