Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have no fear... I'm now here.

How many first time posts in new blogs have you read that started out with “I’ve started blogs before but lost track….” ? I will not elaborate as to not sound like a broken record, but right here I could insert same story, same song, same dance, but since we can skip that it will make this a nice short read for you this round. =)

I love blogging. Sometimes it’s just good to start fresh and new and fire up a new blog. I’m new to this site, however I’m finding it simple to navigate and use. Yay me! I’m so above the learning curve here, sometimes it’s truly good to be me. ;p

So I’m here in your face and I’m blogging. I never have a lack of opinions and observations. Perhaps you will agree or you won’t, that’s the beautiful part of being human, we are all so different and entitled to be who we are. =D

Being a person of blatant bluntness I love this little website Being someone not easily offended by cussing, sarcasm and sexual innuendos I find it fantastic. With that being said I must leave you now because…

Much Love!

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