Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cool Weather Cooking

I think most people who love to cook would probably agree that when the weather cools down it's time to do some serious cooking.  This is probably why so many people pack on the pounds during the fall and winter.

This year to avoid that cool weather padding I'll be participating in some indoor workout routines, hopefully it helps keep those extra pounds away, and with all that internal body heat maybe I'll save some money on my electric bill not running my heater as often.  I've also picked up a couple of new recipe books that have glycemic index recipes for some new healthier choice options.

This morning I was waiting on my coffee and I noticed my stack of cookbooks on top of the microwave.  Oh yes, the past few mornings have been the first cold ones for me and now cool weather cooking mode is commencing. 

I'm now sitting here thumbing through my stack of cookbooks armed with a pen, pencil, highlighter, sticky notes, and sticky flags marking recipes, making notes, and compiling a cooking wishlist.  I've had some of these books for years and sometimes new things I never noticed before jump out at me and scream 'Cook Me Cook Me'! 

Soups, stews, casseroles, slow cooker creations and more!  Seasonal yummies at their peak cranberries, apples, citrus, sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower!  In the near future I'll be making one of my Fall fallback favorites, pork chops with an apple and cranberry sauce... it's on!

What are some of your favorite Fall and cool weather dishes?  Send me recipes!

Much love and happy cool weather cooking!

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