Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Honk or Not To Honk?

If your brakes have gone out in your car and you are sliding into a peril that will assuredly end in fiery death... yes please honk.

However, if you are like the person who was sitting behind me in the parking lot exit when leaving work this evening, and you are wanting to turn right at the red light when the person in front of you is turning left, completely ignoring that there are 2 other parking lot exits that are right turn only exits and this happens to be the only left turn capable exit... keep your honking to yourself. Unless the person in front of you, unlike me, is a complete pushover they are not going to decide to just turn right because you are honking and in a hurry and decided to not use one of the other exits that could have streamlined your work departure process.

If you see a completely hot man or woman and want to get their attention for a little meet-up rendezvous because their awesomeness from a car away has completely captivated you... go ahead and honk. Perhaps you'll be getting your freak on later.

But, if you are like the person who was in front of me at another red light this evening and 2nd in line at the light and as soon as the light turns green and the person in front hasn't even had a chance to press their gas pedal yet... there's no reason to blare your horn. Really.

On the flip side, if the last scenario ends up being the person in front of you is just sitting through the light and you and every one else behind you are about to miss the light because the person ahead is being a complete moron... lay on it!

When using your horn of equally life saving and utter annoyance abilities perhaps the use of a little common sense could go a long way.

I told my dog Balue about this evenings honkapalooza and this is what he thought about it...

He captures the state of annoyance such things can cause so well doesn't he?

Much love and honk responsibly! :D

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