Monday, October 24, 2011

Guard Dogs and Guns

Balue's first night home.

When I brought Balue home when he was about 8 weeks old on his 3rd day with me I knew he was going to be a good guard dog.  I barricaded him into the kitchen with a baby gate and left for work that Monday morning.  When I got home and opened my front door I hear the most precious little guard puppy noises coming from the kitchen you ever heard… “Grrrr WOOF grrrrrr woof woof woof grrrrr”.  I was thrilled!  I walked around the corner and he saw me and immediately started wagging his tail and went into goofy happy my mom is home puppy mode. 

Since then there has only been a couple of occasions when Balue has had to go into guard dog mode.  One such occasion was when I had left home for a birthday party and came back I did not notice that though I had left lights on, the inside of the house was now completely dark.  The house had a fenced back yard and that is where I had left Balue because he was still in the young dog phase where he would tear things up if I left him inside alone.  I enter the back yard to go through the back door to let Balue inside with me still not a care in the world and happy from such a fun party and he was acting all antsy and wanting in badly, I’m thinking ‘sheesh dog chill’.  I open the door and Balue immediately flies inside and starts growling and barking and I realized something was wrong.  It turned out I had gotten home just in time to let Balue in to chase the robbers that were in the house through the front door and they left behind the duffle bags of items they had packed to take with them, unfortunately they had pocketed some of my jewelry though.  Balue proceeded to check every room and be on guard for the rest of the evening.

Last night about 2:30 am I am sleeping and wake up to Balue jumping out of the bed and then hear his large paws hit my sliding glass door and he starts his low growl and barking telling someone to get away.  I’m pretty sure it was not an animal because he has a different bark for them.  This was serious.  I’m so freaked out that I was kinda sitting there in bed thinking ‘why in the hell do I not have a gun!’ Balue ran in jumped in the bed looks at me and runs back to the window but he wasn’t barking or growling anymore so I’m assuming whoever the creeper is must be gone.  I go and double check all the doors and windows are locked and thankfully they were and did not see anyone.
I’m then laying in the bed thinking about this event.  I’ve always had a man and usually guns in the house and never really worried about safety.  I was thinking maybe I should get a baseball bat… which a serious assailant would probably laugh at a girl standing there with a baseball bat.  Unfortunately I’m not a ninja and probably couldn’t actually knock a gun out of someone’s hand with my bat and then do some fancy flip and karate chop them in the back of the head to knock them out until the police arrive. 
I’ve always believed in the right to protect your home with a gun, and I’m thinking I don’t want to bring a bat or a knife to a gun show.  Being a single female who lives alone certainly has its advantages and along with that it's downfalls, and safety is one of them.  I used to be an apartment property manager and I know that apartment break-ins in this city are very common.  For example, a couple of years ago a couple of girls at the complex next to the one I worked at were tortured at gunpoint for hours then robbed.  Having a great guard dog does make me feel a level of safety and I love and appreciate him dearly… however what would I do if they got past the dog? 
Perhaps a gun of my own isn’t such a bad idea.  I’ve used them before at target practice and I’m not a bad shot.  I’d just need to find the right one for me and then learn how to clean and properly maintain it.  That thought reminds me that there is something sexy about a man cleaning his gun, they take such pride and care in doing it.
I know a lot of people do not feel the same way as I do and are very anti-gun.  How would your family protect yourselves if an armed assailant entered your home?
Much love!


  1. Shoot to kill!! lol @ the baseball bat. That's actually a good idea! When my sister and I moved into our first apartment together, there were some creepy weirdos that lived behind us. Instead of a couple of college girls splurging on a gun, we armed ourselves with a baseball bat, and we took turns with it standing next to our bed. Since we didn't have bullets, if any one broke in, we were going to pummel them too death with our bat - that'll teach 'em!! And yay Balue!! :-) Dogs are great...and anyone with a brain isn't going to mess with them. Be safe, Blonde Girl!

  2. Haha! You know I would have loved to have been there if someone had actually had the nerve to break in and see you two both over 6ft tall beautiful Amazon's standing there with a baseball bat, I'm sure the facial expression would have been priceless as they turned to run for the hills. =)

  3. Just remember, every weapon can be taken away and used against you. Personally, I have a baseball bat. :) Tim owns a gun but it's locked up & I have no idea where the key for the case is. So, it wouldn't do me any good anyway. Since we've had the baby I have thought about at least learning to use it, just in case.

  4. Oh I'm very aware that even with a gun you are still not completely safe... however there is a certain level of feeling secure knowing that if someone breaks in there is a slight chance you'll be able to defend yourself, and even that you could possibly scare them away without ever having to use it.

  5. LoL @ Amazons with a baseball bat. That would be pretty shocking, I'm sure - too funny!

  6. Hand gun is easy to store and use. However a shot gun will get the attention much faster and do a lot more damage. The shot gun is also easier to use. Short barrel (20") and short stock, practice with 00 buck shot and I would recommend a 20 gauge or 16 gauge, unless you are an above average size girl. I like your dog to he is a good looking guy and I know he will take care of "mom".

  7. Thanks for the advice Dick!! =) And Balue thanks you for the complement, he's a great dog. =)