Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Apparently I Am A Slacker

How the heck has 3 months flown by since the last time I wrote a blog?  I seriously was intending to take just a short break, however I obviously was caught up in doing a whole lot of nothing! 

I've gotten a new gadget I will be reviewing within the next couple of days that is very cool.  Any kind of technology that is affordable and improves the quality of life is ok with me. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the near future I will be adopting a new little dog, because my big dog, Balue, needs a pet.  What?  Don't your pets have pets?

I decided to go on some dates after my year of dating break, and I decided that I hate dating.  More and more I see why arranged marriages make sense.  Now if someone could arrange for me to be with Thor that would be greatly appreciated.

I've cooked a bunch of super yummy stuff lately, and thought as I was doing it "I should be blogging this" but lacked the heart to feel like taking photos of the process.  But trust me there's been some good stuff going into my belly.

See, obviously a whole lot of nothing going on here.  Which I'm assuming it's better that I haven't mindlessly written about nothing daily for 3 months straight, like some kind of blog writing zombie who feeds on wasting your brain cells instead of actually feasting on your brain cells. NOM NOM NOM

Ok so now that you've gotten this far and finally realized this was a complete waste of your time, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!

Much Love!

In light of I obviously like to disappear for months at a time I thought I would share with you this cute little Pintrest find....

And for wasting your time here's a song I love....

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