Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best Box Brownie Mix

This evening I experienced the best boxed brownies ever.  Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix is superior awesomeness.  I've always loved their little candies being the chocolate phene that I am, but the brownies.... holy cow!  Not only is it dark chocolate mix, but there's chocolate chips in the mix making these gooey super awesome... really I need to stop before I drool on my desk.

I would love to visit the Ghirardelli factory some day.  If you want some fun facts for next time you are having some water cooler chocolate chat visit the Ghirardelli Difference page to see what makes them so special!

If you want to wow some people without going through the work of making some kind of insanely intense homemade brownie batter take the easy route and give these a try!  You will be in looove!  If your local stores do not sell them click here to buy Ghirardelli brownie mixes at

I'm in love.
Why don't I marry them then?
Well I would if I could, I'm pretty sure our relationship has been consummated.

Much Love and chocolate!


  1. The one with caramel is kick ass too!

    1. I SAW A PICTURE OF THAT! It looks fantastic!!!