Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plum District Savings for Women

So I discovered this totally awesome new website tonight much like Groupon and Living Social, except it's completely geared towards women!  I love it!!  It's called Plum District.  If you sign up now you get a $5 credit! 

I'm so ecstatic I found the site today because in less than five hours this totally awesome deal ends to receive a $130 credit for only $30 towards hair tools or hair extensions on the NuMe website.  I spent the evening reading tons of customer reviews not only on the NuMe website but on other sites as well, as well as watching youtube vids of people trying their products.  The tools seem pricey but to me if they actually work and last then they are worth it!  You get what you pay for!  AND not to mention with $130 credit for paying only $30 at Plum District you've now paid the same price for an expensive superior tool for the price of something cheap!  AND IT GET'S BETTER.... Can you tell I'm excited?  Since I signed up tonight I got a $5 credit on my Plum D account, and I found a coupon code for another 10% off if you use a visa to pay.  SO I paid $22 for $130 credit!!  OH M GEE!  Oh yes I just said that.  I love saving money and awesome deals!

Now I'm going to head over now and buy this totally rad Wet to Dry flat iron they have on the site.  I have curly hair and I haven't met a flat iron yet that really does it's job.  Plus it's such a hassle to blow dry then flat iron I usually just sport the curls.  So I'm excited to be able to flat iron my hair from wet!  I see they have it at RRP $350, sale price $145, so I just paid $37 for a $350 professional grade flat iron!

Ok ok I'll stop so you can snag the deal.  You have less than 5 hours to get it so do it!!  Click here for the $130 Credit at NuMe!

If you missed that deal I'm sure Plum District has many more super deals ahead for us, as well as the great deals they already have listed now.  Start saving money ladies!

Click here to go to the Plum District site and sign up and receive your automatic $5 credit.

MUCH LOVE!  And happy saving!

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