Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Blessings 2011

Today I celebrate the beginning of my 33rd year of my life!  I'm happy to see the beginning of a new year for me.  I've always liked getting older.  The older I get the better life seems to get, or the better I get.  Some years I have ups and downs and twists and turns but that is what makes it life.  How else would I learn and grow and become stronger if it were not for having to climb mountains.  I've never understood people who are grumpy and mad on their birthdays just because it's their birthday and for no other reason.  It's so odd to me.  It's not that I've always had wonderful birthdays, quite honestly the majority of my birthdays would have been a complete letdown if I had depended on other people to make the day special for me.  I know it's my day so I try to keep the mindset that whatever bullshit that may come my way that day is just negative energy trying to drag me down and I won't have it.  Well I try my hardest not to have it.

One year the person I lived with decided to not say happy birthday to me all day or get me a gift and acknowledge it at all, though 2 months before I had done what I could to make theirs quite special and got them a completely too expensive gift... I knew they knew it was my birthday, and I knew they were just trying to piss me off.  Why would someone do that on your birthday?  So I decided to not feed into petty mind games and didn't say a word about it and kept my cheery birthday tone all day.  When we were going to bed he quite grumpily finally told me happy birthday and mentioned he couldn't believe I didn't get mad at him.  I guess the plan to make my day a bad one backfired on him since he was the one who ended up irritated and not me.  I know what you are thinking... I can hear you all unanimously thinking expletives.  I tell this story to not throw anyone under the bus, but to give example of turning tables and not letting other people's issues get to you, and possibly their crap will turn on them.

Wether it's people who are bringing your birthday down, like you walk in and a drunk party crasher is standing there and has eaten almost your entire cake with their hand and then calls you a bitch (try to not jab them in the balls, it's hard to not do but I know it is possible), or you didn't receive a gift or get a really bad gift, I've had both happen more than once and I now buy myself a gift every year, if you have to spend it alone, or everyone truly does forget it's your birthday... whatever it is push through it.

Your birthday is the representation of a new year of your life and even if the day isn't butterflies and roses it does not mean that you do not have a  new year ahead of you that is likely full of wonderful surprises and blessings.

This year I have no idea what is in store for my birthday.  I am spending it with a friend that I have absolutely no expectations of, however I know I will enjoy the company.  I also get the day off of work.  I've bought everything to make a fabulous dinner, or maybe I'll go out.  Who knows!  But here is to hoping for a wonderful birthday to chalk up on the board!

Enjoy your life, make sure to celebrate your own new beginning in whatever way you can.

A fun Scorpio birthday greeting a friend sent me. =)
Much love and many wishes of happiness! xoxo


  1. My favorite part, " walk in and a drunk party crasher is standing there and has eaten almost your entire cake with their hand and then calls you a bitch..." That's great, lol.