Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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The mask I was supposed to be wearing,
but it was too hot and I just wore horns. =)
I know I know it's late... I had a super busy and tiring day.  Today was my work Halloween festivities that I've mentioned a couple of times.  Between finishing touches to decorations and then manning tour stuff it will wipe a girl out.  And let us not forget the food!  Good grief I ate too much!!  I had to come home and force myself to work out which actually did make me feel better.  Since then I've been sitting here in a sugar/too much food coma watching some television.  Anyways I couldn't let the day pass without at least saying something. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Tuesday!  Only 2 days and 2 hours until my birthday!

This is just the leftovers!!!
Much Love!!

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