Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blonde Girl Vs The Bees

The following is a blog that I wrote on another site in 2007 not long after a cross country road trip that a friend of mine, Rosanne aka Zanna, and I took at the end of 2006.  I briefly mentioned an incident of bees amongst all of the other stories, like we absolutely could not find the Alamo (blondes), and there was request for explanation of the bees.  If you know anything about Texas you know that everything is bigger there, including the HUGE bumble bees!  I was reminded of this story when I made my post last night, Road Trip Blondes Joke.  Behold my saga of the road trip bees.

The Bees The Bees The Story Behind The Bees

Well... if you refer back to my blog "I'm back but... WHERE IS THE ALAMO!" amongst the crazy, bad, good and awesome things I mentioned was a bee encounter.  I think bees are pretty and fascinating creatures, but I'm allergic to those stinging little bugs and they freak me out and we can have a healthy respect for each other from afar. 

There was this gang of bees in Texas, hoodlums if you will, that did not understand this rule that distance between me and them equal peace.  Me and Rosanne stop at a gas station to pick up some breakfast and fill up the gas tank.  I got I think some milk, coffee, soda, water and a cappuccino muffin if you were wondering.  :) 

We pulled around to the side of the station to enjoy our muffins and let the coffee sink in and brush our hair and look at the map and just relax for a minute before we headed back out on the road.  It was kinda necessary after all we went through trying to find a restaurant in the forsaken town that had none. :) 

So I'm sitting there with my window rolled down enjoying my muffin and coffee just chillen.  Then a bee flies in through my window.  I sit there kinda relaxed and hope he'll fly back out but then he lands on me and starts to hover right on me and right by my face and kept landing on me.  I opened my door and tried to kinda gently shoo him away with my hairbrush with no luck. 

So I jumped out of the car muffin in one hand hair brush in the other and hopped back in but he flew right back in after me.  This time I rolled up all the windows, YEAH that's right I didn't roll them up to begin with, :) , I jump out of the car and I run to the back, him following me the whole time, and then back to the driver seat hop in slam my door and the little crack head had followed me back in the dang car. 

Ok at this point I'm freaked out.  "Why won't the stupid thing leave me alone" is one of the many things I was at that point screeching at Zanna, who by the way, the bee was staying completely away from.  I try running back to the back of the car again and back to the front I don't remember how many times.

Now I'm surrounded by I think maybe 3-6 bees. I couldn't tell and I saw more hoovering near.  Dude, wtf!!  Why me right.  :)  The whole time Rosanne is sitting there laughing hilariously at me and my predicament. 

As I'm standing there completely flustered and thinking I'm about to be attacked all at once by all these bees or something, in the most pathetic voice I think I've ever heard come out of me I look at Rosanne with eyes pleading for this to end about to finally bust into tears and bellar "I I I don't know what to doooo!"  I'm sure I shook the hairbrush too.

I run as fast as I can all the way around the car hop in the driver seat and slam the door as fast as I can and I can't believe it no bees made it in that time.  Rosanne was lucky she made it in the car because as soon as my door shut and in a split second knew there were no bees accompanying me I hauled out of there as fast as I could across the the parking lot and through some kinda dirt lot.  I didn't care where it ended I was just getting straight away from those stupid bees.

When I was in what I thought was a safe zone I stopped jumped out and shook it off then finished my muffin.  :)

Right next to where I was parked while this whole thing was happening was a tinted window that was right behind where the cashiers stood.  I'm sure they thought I was having some kinda crack freakout running around with a muffin and hairbrush and hopping in and out of my car.  At least Rosanne and those cashiers were entertained.  :p 


In case you are wondering, Zanna confirmed that I did in fact shake the hairbrush.

Much Love!!

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